• We might share information with our trusted partners who work on behalf of us. A trusted partner also has certain guidelines to follow which is clearly mentioned in the signed confidential NDA; which includes no information sharing about interested users and clients of Virtual MQ without a written consent from the top officers of the company.
  • In case of court orders or legal process under the written disclosure of information sharing issued by governing bodies, Virtual MQ will have no option but to share user/client information.
  • In case of any investigation regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud or situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person or a concern, virtualmq.com will share information if directed by the court of law.
  • In case Virtual MQ is acquired or merged with any company, we will transmit all information to the concerned company.

The need to share any information depends solely on the user. You may wish to provide us with your name, address, company name, phone number, e-mail id, etc when communicating with us for any service request or while downloading our publications like whitepapers, samples, case studies, etc. You may also want to subscribe to our newsletter. Any request for unsubscribe will be urgently dealt with and you can be rest assured about it as we respect user requests.


This plays an important role for betterment of user experience to our website. Thus, cookies and other technologies are collected from time to time. We generally track domains and demography of users visiting our website and their related activities. The main idea is to collect information for analyzing trends which should aim for a rich user experience. The information remains confidential and is not shared with any unauthorized individuals. If you wish to not share your transaction data on our website, disable your cookies or opt-out at the download or request page.


Virtual MQ understands the impact of spam emails (unsolicited bulk emails) and has taken various measures to minimize the transmission and effect of spam emails in its computing environment. Thus, we make it a point to spam check each email received by Virtual MQ and if an email is found to be spam, it will be rejected by us. With this measure, along with other technical spam reduction measures, we have cut down on the ill-effects of spam emails. We may also report any suspicious spam emails, to the authorities concerned for necessary action, from time to time.

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