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Our Talent Categories

Apart from the mentors, we have 2 main categories, who are available for hiring. These categories are segmented based on their education, years of experience, skills, certifications, references, etc.


Our main USP are mentors. These are industry veterans in their respective field of expertise and provide hands-on assistance on all projects without being directly hired.


Typically, these freelancers have less than 5 years of work experience. Even with less exposure as compared to expert level, they possess necessary skills to deliver process-driven tasks.


These are professionals with more than 5 years of work experience and proven expertise in delivering critical projects, particularly in tight turnaround situations.

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    Hire with ease the right talent for your business. Our experts can help you determine the right strategy based on the unique needs of your business.

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    Some clients may have niche requirements that is dependent on experience, skills, certifications, references, etc and need custom pricing.

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    Vetting Process

    Vetting is the most important process in remote hiring. Our vetting process enables companies to access the right skilled talent capable of performing critical tasks owing to our rigorous enrolment process.

    Shortlisting Profiles

    We receive thousands of applications every month and each profile is scanned using our in-house built AI tool, having its own criteria to shortlist experts for the next level of assessment.

    Skill Evaluation

    The shortlisted experts are assessed based on their primary skills which includes both theoretical knowledge & demo projects.

    Language Assessment

    The successful experts after the skill evaluation phase are now tested on their communication and language proficiency. This includes fluency of speech, writing, hearing and more.


    As this is the final round, we conduct F2F virtual interviews to understand the expert’s preferences, expectations and long term vision. It must be noted here, that the success ratio of getting enrolled at VMQ so far, is about 15%.

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